Who needs training?

All dogs can benefit from training regardless of age, temperament, or breed. 

All dogs can benefit from training by Balanced Behavior

Training Consultation

A trainer will come to your home for an hour and a half to two hours to teach you how dogs think, learn, and communicate within their own culture as well as evaluate your dog, listen to your concerns, and answer all questions. From there, the trainer will demonstrate some training and the coaching will begin.

*Required before use of any other services

Private Lessons

After the Training Consultation, the trainer will recommend how many coaching sessions are required for best results. These lessons will consist of a trainer coming to your home or meeting you out in real life situations to teach you how to use our humane and natural training techniques. Through these private lessons you will gain a stronger bond with your dog by learning to be a fair and consistent leader.


3 Week Board and Train

Don’t have the time it takes to give your dog a solid foundation in training? For three weeks, our trainer will train, socialize, and exercise your dog with a clear, consistent, and balanced method. At the end of the three weeks, our trainer will return to your home with your dog and will then teach you how to continue implementing the individualized training program in order to assure success for the specific needs of you and your dog. This training program includes 3 follow-up training sessions.


Dog Outings

Don’t have time to make sure your dog gets its required mental and physical exercise everyday? Let our staff come to your home and take your dog out for exercise. In the hands of a professional your dog will not only get proper physical exercise, they will also receive mental exercise through our balanced approach. Outings can include walks, hikes, and doggie playdates. Please call for more information on our specialized exercise programs.


Pet Sitting

Going away on vacation can cause stress when you have to leave the pet members behind. Let our staff take the stress out of it by being the person you trust with your dog while you are away. Please contact us for more details and reservations.

Starts at $60/night

Balanced Behavior offers dog training and pet care services

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Balanced Behavior Dog Training and Pet Services will need a 3 day notice for cancellation of any services. Any appointments that fall on holidays will need 7 day notice of cancellation. If adequate notice is not given the client will be billed for 50% of the scheduled service.